I am a illustrator, designer, sculptor, and a creator of my original characters. I am from the US but currently live in Japan. I love to draw and make art toys of this character that I created called Axel, the skeleton axolotl warrior. Read more about him in the "Origin of Axel" tab above.

   My brand and the toys that I make are based on these amazing and cute creatured called Axolotls. They are cousins of the Salamander species, AKA Mexican Salamanders, they live their whole lives underwater and they originate in Mexico. The amazing thing about these creatures are that they can regenerate almost any part of their body including their heart and brain. Thats why I love and adore these creatures and have three as pets as well. 

   Not a lot of people know about these wonderful creatures so I hope my art and creations will help spread love to these creatures as well as get enough support and love for the creations I make.