Origin of Axel

      In the hottest deserts of Mexico, where there's possibly no water to be found for miles away, but over the dunes and pass the deceiving mirage uncovers a beautiful oasis no one has ever encountered. There are palm trees, tropical leaves, and a clear pool of water that was home to many cute axolotls with adorable dotted eyes. One axolotl that goes by the name of Axel, never really had friends because he was the trouble making type, but he was only causing trouble to gain more attention to feel more noticed and less lonesome.

     One day a  mysterious black vortex from another dimension warped hundreds of demon dogs that go by the name of Chupas, they came to feast on anything close by that they found appetizing. They are known to be swift in movement and have poisonous fangs that eats through flesh and razor sharp claws and roamed in countless numbers. They usually hunt during the night to be stealth like ninjas.

     The next day as the sun set, the axolotls community were minding their own business and enjoying their wonderful time swimming and playing around in the crystal waters, then the Chupas came lurking. They spotted the axolotls and immediately caused havoc and feasted on half of the axolotl population, including Axel and what was left was their bones on the dry desert sand. This was a tragic event for the poor the axolotls especially for those that lost their family and friends.

     Mysteriously out of no where, a Mexican Wizard appeared after the tragedy and noticed the huge damage that was caused by the Chupas and the poor axolotls that weeped in tears. He wanted to help the poor creatures so he casted a spell on one of the dried up axolotl bones on the desert sand and those bones were Axels. He revived Axel with his powerful spell and all the bones came together.

    Axel was alive, but as a skeleton, he was a living immortal axolotl skeleton with super strength and speed. Axel was confused of what has happened to him until he noticed he was a axolotl with no flesh. He was shocked and panicked for a bit, but the wizards explained and later Axel thanked the wizard for bringing him back to life.

    Since Axel was a naked axolotl skeleton the wizard gave him a small coat and cute boots to cover up his body and feet to make him more appealing. Axel has lost parts of his tail bone so he used the left over tail bone as a handle for his huge blade as a weapon of choice.

     The wizard mentioned why he revived Axel and told him you have one task to save the axolotl community and defeat the Chupas. Axel was determined to save his friends and family, with his super strength and speed, he felt like a super hero ready to show what he is truly made of. Since Axel has no intestines, he doesn’t need to eat, but the wizard gave him one extra power to devour the souls of the Chupas so they will be erased completely. He also doesn’t need to live underwater anymore so he lives in the desert by the oasis to stay dry where his bones bask in the sun to charge his energy.

    Later that night, the Chupas come out again hungry for more axolotls. Axel with hyper sensitive bones, senses the Chupas entering his hometown in the oasis. Axel immediately with his super speed arrives to the oasis and attacks one of the Chupas he spotted with is huge sword splitting the Chupa in half and sucking his soul with his mouth. He hears more danger, an axolotl crying for help as the Chupas chase their meal. Axel attacks, but this time the Chupa counter attacks with his sharp fangs and claws. Axel gets thrown around like nothing, but this doesn’t hurt or stop Axel from defeating the Chupas.

     With the energy of his inner soul, he unlocks a hidden power called sonic boom, breaking wind so fast you can barely see him. Instantaneously, wipes out all the Chupas and devours their souls.

     Finally, the axolotl community is safe again thanks to Axel and now they have a hero to look up on. Axel was stunned of how his friends and family cheered him on which was the first time ever that he was noticed and loved. Axel was overwhelmed and knew he was destine to be the guardian for his community.

    Although he wiped out most of the Chupas there was more danger to come for the Chupas multiply in numbers, but Axel is always ready to fight and keep his friends and family safe. This is the origin of Axel. The guardian of the hidden oasis.